Ecstatic Dance

Welkom Dj Caroline! Zo fijn om deze keer weer te kunnen genieten van je muziek en de manier waarop je ons mee van hoofd naar lijf brengt ♥

About Caroline:
“Music moves and shapes me. It makes me fall in love with dance – again and again – and inspires me to create from a place of utter presence.
As an Ecstatic DJ, I play with sounds and silence, with melody and rhythms, and with depth and expansion.
As a dance facilitator, I explore new realms while taking movers on a playful adventure into the landscapes of body and soul. As an organizer of Ecstatic Dance Belgium, I continue traveling – as a way to expand my vision and (he)art, and to share my deep-felt passions.
Let’s journey and be moved !”

Ecstatic Dance is een vrije dans die vanuit Hawai & Amerika ook Nederland heeft veroverd. Het is een eenvoudige en krachtige vorm van bewegen zoals de danser het zelf voelt.
Ieder die van bewegen op muziek houdt is van harte welkom. 2,5 uur lang vrij dansen op blote voeten, zonder chit chat op de dansvloer en op de inspirerende muziek van een live DJ. Een dansmeditatie & workout ineen.
Kom en nodig je dansvrienden uit.

Ecstatic dance is a unique heart opening dancing Experience. Freedom, love, gratitude, expansion & celebration of Oneness. Together we create a connected energy where everybody feels safe and free to dance. Explore your inner world and find a pathway to bliss and ecstasy.

19:00 Doors are open, be welcome.
19:30 Openings ceremony: Caroline 🙂
20:00 Ecstatic Dance with Dj Caroline
22:00 Closing Ceremony

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines:
This means dancing on bare feet, no talking, but meeting in the dance if you like. no intoxication, no chemical perfume, dance however you wish, respect yourself, and each other. Herbal thee and Purified water as much as you like and afterwards fruit.
You are welcome to join!

15,50 euro presale via Chipta (tickets or Facebook Ecstatic Dance by Devalounge) 17,50 euro cash at the door, (No pin) please be on time:-)

Adress Location
De Avenue
Waterstraat 5, 4811WZ Breda

Inspired by & with kind permission of Ecstatic Dance World community.
See you on the dancefloor ♥
Ecstatic dance Guidelines and info about the evening of our dj’s